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TIBCO Unveils PageBus, Donates Core of Ajax Message Bus Software to OpenAjax Alliance
Jul 30, 2007 (08:07 AM EDT)

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- TIBCO Software Inc. today announced the release of TIBCO PageBus(TM) and the donation of its core Ajax message bus technology to the OpenAjax Alliance Hub project. This endeavor will help to establish industry standards for Ajax component interoperability and further advance services as the foundation for composite applications.

Composite applications created with Ajax can range from a few simple sources of data, to productivity solutions created from reusable business process gadgets, such as task lists, to large-scale enterprise deployments atop portals. All of these increasingly sophisticated composite applications face the same classic systems integration problem. As the use of Ajax within portals, composite applications and mashups becomes increasingly sophisticated, the programming required can increase exponentially unless certain architectural approaches are followed.

TIBCO PageBus applies proven "publish and subscribe" message bus programming patterns within the context of a single Web page. The technology facilitates communication between multiple Ajax components to allow developers to easily create composite applications from reusable parts and services. Ultimately, this helps to reduce development costs and shorten the time it takes to create ready-to-use solutions.

"TIBCO's messaging solutions have been recognized as some of the most high-performance, reliable, and scalable technologies for distributing information throughout the enterprise," said Kevin Hakman, director, Developer Evangelism. "TIBCO PageBus is a natural extension of this legacy simplifying the ability to integrate pre-existing services and Ajax components."

As member of the OpenAjax Alliance (OAA), TIBCO is working with more than 70 companies to standardize key aspects of Ajax. The first specification project of this group is the OpenAjax Hub, which seeks to provide Ajax component interoperability though a publish/subscribe interface. TIBCO's contribution of the core of TIBCO PageBus helps set the industry standard for a client-side high-performance message bus to enable Ajax components to work seamlessly together.

To kick off the launch of this new technology, TIBCO is hosting the Ultimate Mashup Ajax Challenge, a developer community project to build the world's largest mashup using TIBCO PageBus and TIBCO General Interface(TM). The challenge will run through September 30th after which TIBCO and event co-sponsor will award prizes to the best entries. For more details on the contest, including rules, application and prize information, please visit .

TIBCO PageBus is an open source project and may be downloaded from the TIBCO developer network site at: . TIBCO PageBus is also shipped as part of TIBCO Ajax Message Service(TM) that delivers real-time information over the Web. To learn more about TIBCO's comprehensive Ajax and messaging offerings, please visit . Information on the OAA Hub open source project can be found at .


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