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IMSafer Introduces New Features
Jul 19, 2007 (12:07 PM EDT)

HOUSTON, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- IMSafer ( ), the Web-based service parents use to protect children from potentially dangerous interactions by monitoring the online relationships they have through instant messaging (IMs) and social networking sites, today announced a new version with significantly enhanced features.

IMSafer's newest release removes the need for parents to understand the difference between IM software and social networking sites. The release also simplifies the community voting functionality so parents can report whether they are comfortable with the way one particular individual talks with their children and see whether a person exchanging messages with a child has been deemed dangerous by others.

The new features are available automatically to IMSafer users and require no downloading or installation. IMSafer has also centralized the public profile information of children so that parents can easily see how their kids are representing themselves online.

IMSafer's enhanced user interface has been redesigned based on customer feedback regarding the ease of access to information alerts about their children. The new interface has a familiar e-mail look with innovative calendar navigation.

With the number of opportunities for online social interaction increasing, IMSafer is the only company to monitor the behavior and relationships of children for their parents. IMSafer began by providing support for social networking sites with MySpace, and has now added Facebook and Bebo-currently the most popular site with kids aged 12-17(1).

IMSafer now also supports Meebo, the popular site that kids use as a workaround for invasive spyware, on top of support for AOL, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! IM.

Filtering and blocking software are easily circumvented by teens, and does not protect against the dangerous behavior of others toward children. By focusing its technology innovation on language analysis and behavior identification, IMSafer does what spyware programs cannot: provide valuable information to parents, protect children's privacy, and prevent dangerous online relationships.

Since October 2006, IMSafer has provided parent unparalleled protection of their children's online relationships. As a testament to their success, IMSafer announced that they have now scanned more than 100 million messages, alerting parents of potentially dangerous conversations. IMSafer is actively monitoring more than two million online relationships for its 70,000 registered users.

IMSafer CEO Brandon Watson explained: "Since our initial launch, we have gained crucial insight from users as we deliver effective protection for children and a safe alternative to spyware. Parents need the knowledge IMSafer provides to open a dialogue with their kids about online safety and Internet predators. Every week we welcome thousands of new parents to the IMSafer family, and it makes our team feel great to know how many lives we are impacting."

The community feature is at the heart of IMSafer's reputation system that alerts parents about dangerous individuals online.

About IMSafer

IMSafer is based in Houston. The Company started with a simple plan: to rethink the problem of protecting kids online. "Simple," "easy to use" and "effective" are its guiding principles. The products for protecting children online are overwhelming for parents, hard to use, and require too much work on the part of the parents. Starting with a blank sheet, IMSafer created new technologies resulting in a truly useful service for parents. Everyone has had at least one conversation with a guidance counselor who said to us: "If only you could use your powers for good." This is one shot for that, according to CEO Brandon Watson.

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