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TOPKAT Group Picks iMAN, Inc. as 'Top Gun' of MobileData
Jul 19, 2007 (12:07 PM EDT)

CHICAGO, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Powerhouse Brand Builder, The TOPKAT Group, has chosen iMAN, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Textechnologies, Inc., as the best mobile data solutions company in the fast growing mobile data arena. According to Allen LeWinter, President of the TOPKAT Group, "iMAN is a world class technology company in terms of the applications they have developed for the corporation and the consumer." LeWinter, whom People magazine calls a marketing guru, went on to say, "We are pleased to be there to help build the brand of iMAN into the number one mobile data service."

"Mobile data is no longer about merely sending out a text message or carrying around your e-mail and contacts in your cell phone," according to LeWinter. "iMAN has created a revolutionary real time communications service that runs across all platforms, all carriers, and can take any information from the web and make it accessible and operational via your cell phone, PocketPC, Blackberry or Smartphone. They have turned any cell phone into a mini-computer, and everyone walks around with a cell phone ... you can only imagine the possibilities."

TOPKAT will represent iMAN in all areas to build their brands and take them to market. According to John Maier, founder and President of iMAN, "We're already in the marketplace making mobile data easy for companies, schools, consumers and just about anyone who uses mobile data today, but having TOPKAT handle our brand building takes what we do to a whole new level. Our programming puts everything you want within reach, and TOPKAT can help us reach out to everyone to get that message across."

"There were many factors that separate iMAN from the pack," according to LeWinter. "Their Instant Mobile Alert Network makes it possible to add a new level of security for school systems and organizations yet can also be used by those same schools and organizations for quizzes and testing with instantly available reporting analysis on the results." LeWinter added, "Their superior mobile applications make it so easy to go mobile that what company wouldn't want to communicate instantly with their entire sales force or customer base with text, graphics, read receipts and instant feedback? It's a marketer's dream come true."

About The TOPKAT Group

With more than 30 years of experience in the brand building and marketing industries, TOPKAT has helped lead some of today's most important properties and products from inception to success and is known for creating unique strategies for bringing products, companies, properties and new concepts to market. TOPKAT clients have included The Rolling Stones, Barney The Dinosaur, 20th Century Fox, Unilever, Paul McCartney, Sony, HBO, McDonalds, Quaker Oats, Snapple, The Hard Rock Cafe, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Prince and hundreds of others. TOPKAT has planned programs and launches for its clients to establish or enhance the visibility of companies, products, projects and properties. Each program is specifically tailored to each client and maximizes the return utilizing the best outlet to achieve each goal whether it is an "old-line" company looking to update and reach today's "online" consumer or a new media company looking to separate itself from the pack. TOPKAT has been responsible for creating billions of dollars in revenue.

About iMAN, Inc.

iMAN Wireless was designed to provide unified, real time communications and information to the mobile public, businesses and consumers to access pertinent information for their busy lifestyles using their ordinary web- enabled cell phone by sending and retrieving information from any designated database. iMAN allows businesses and individuals to create their own mobile content in 3 easy steps with its template-based applications. Unlike other technologies, iMAN allows users to access data without a downloaded application to their cell phone regardless of whether they have an every day cell phone or a smart phone. Organizations and schools use iMAN for instant security alerts, sales and supply channels for instant promotion alerts, services and marketing companies use iMAN so that their mobile staff always has access to the most current information in real time. iMAN is one application that works across all carrier networks making it ideal for any organization using multiple wireless carriers. Individuals use iMAN for their photo sharing, address book and the powerful global messaging system. iMAN is carrier independent so it works with all wireless carriers technologies creating interactivity of data and images between carriers. The world is going mobile with the need to access information 24/7 from anywhere at anytime and it needs mobile content instantly. iMAN is the answer to these needs.

About Textechnologies, Inc.

Textechnologies, Inc. is a publicly traded company, quoted on the Pink Sheets "Over-the-Counter" Market. Textechnologies owns three operating subsidiary companies.

iMAN, Inc. is a leading mobile wireless software development company that has the most advanced suite of tools for mobile cell phone communications and publishing, capable of delivering unlimited amounts of information to your cell phone. Integrated custom mobile applications for business create incredible ROI and worker improvement -- anytime, anywhere.

Middleton Settlement Ltd, which trades under the name of Microset Graphics provides digital printing services. We are able to offer full pre-press services which include design, artwork, scanning, reprographics, colour proofing and digital photography.

Textechnologies is currently looking to add shareholder value by acquiring companies that work in the Media, Text, SMS and Mobile Market area to create a full solution marketing company

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