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Searchles Pioneers Efforts to Put a Social Spin on Video Search
Jul 18, 2007 (10:07 AM EDT)

WASHINGTON, July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Searchles(R) ( ) -- the intelligent social search platform that gets smarter every time you use it -- recently launched an independent, highly effective video search that indexes videos from multiple sources including YouTube, Google, MySpace, etc., while also taking advantage of the fully- integrated social search users have generated. Many video sites only offer users the capability to search within said site, while Searchles enables users to do only one search to access a pool of videos that spans all of your favorite video sites as well as Searchles TV Channels users have created. Furthermore, the social search features optimize the search experience with results that are weighted towards those trusted users in your circle of groups and friends on Searchles.

"While there are a few other venues out there powered by Google, YouTube, and Yahoo, which to enable users to search for videos, the reality is that they are all in the online video business. Even if they help you find videos from other sources, the search results may still be biased toward their own videos" said Chris Seline, CTO & Founder of Searchles. "Searchles offers an independent video search platform. While Searchles TV Channels may be included in video search results, the channel's videos are still indexed from various outside sources.

Video search relevancy is enhanced by analyzing several user-generated features within Searchles: rating the videos, assigning relevant tag words, associating videos with common interest groups, and adding videos to Searchles TV Channels. The text/keywords from the source page are automatically indexed as well -- adding another layer of results to video search. Use of these features continually strengthens the efficiency of video search results and also allows you to effectively manage/track the videos you have posted.

Searchles also recently unveiled a new search box and search button format designed to be more compatible with the enhanced search options of a social search than a traditional search box display. This innovative new feature combines the user-friendly display of a traditional search box with the range of network oriented social search options on Searchles -- such as searching through your friends' or groups' posts -- made visible as one scrolls over the search button. A further advantage of the enhanced search box is a prominent display of the video search option for quick user-accessibility.

Regarding the pool of content, Searchles video library does not pretend to boast the sheer volume of video content that the larger, conventional search engines offer. However, when it comes efficiency, Searchles currently offers one of the best platforms on which to search for and organize your favorite videos. The video search model employed -- combining content that spans multiple sources with the social search advantages of a user's network of groups and friends - sets Searchles on track to become a key player in the video search field as its user-generated video library expands.

About Searchles

[Search + Circles =] Searchles is a highly scaleable "social search" platform that showcases expertise, enables collaboration with peers and instantly captures it in searchable knowledge indexes. The platform is a hybrid, combining aspects of "social bookmarking" and "social networking" technology with analytical "social search" capability to allow for network search.

Network search enables users to discover content with personalized filtering features that include tags and keywords, as well as the ability to apply these same filters to search all postings, groups, friends, or friends' friends based on each user's personal criteria. By analyzing the associations and patterns between trusted people, sources, tags and content, Searchles is able to deliver more precise results while suggesting relevant content and people as well.

The proprietary technology behind Searchles is an evolution of the search engine Dumbfind, developed by veteran search technologist and Searchles' founder and CTO Chris Seline. Both brands are wholly-owned by Searchles, Inc., a privately-held company based in Washington, D.C. backed by angel investors.

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