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Get Random for Father's Day With New Yuzoz Widget!
Jun 13, 2007 (12:06 PM EDT)

BRIGHTON, United Kingdom, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Father's Day Decision Maker" widget from Yuzoz, which uses random data from outer space to help select that "perfect" gift for Dad's special day, is now available for download at (search under Yuzoz) or . The widget runs as a desktop application with Adobe Air Widget Manager.

Yuzoz employs proprietary software to capture data from live astronomical events such as solar flares, northern lights, the winds of space, and the movements of clouds on Venus via satellites to turn it into randomly generated numbers. These numbers, in turn, can be used to do almost anything: pick from a list of excuses for being late to work or school; select the notes for a cosmically-generated cell phone ring tone; or to pick a vacation spot or restaurant.

The Yuzoz "Father's Day Decision Maker" provides random gift suggestions from a list of ideas. Individuals can create their own lists of ideas by going to and clicking on the Yuzoz Decision Maker, which allows the users to enter and select from up to five choices.

"We've all been there, trying to decide on the perfect gift for Father's Day," says Martin Wilson, CCO Yuzoz. "The Yuzoz Father's Day Decision Maker eliminates those anxious moments. Just click on Yuzoz and let the stars decide!"

"This is just the first of many widgets that uses our unique service. Some exciting stuff is on its way in the near future," said Mark Smedley, CTO of Yuzoz.

CONTACT: Karen Seaman of MacMillan Communications, +1-212-473-4442,, for Yuzoz, Ltd.

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