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Unedited news and product information from vendors. Announces Partnership With to Enable Local ISP's to Resell Broadband Services in Underserved Markets:
Jun 13, 2007 (10:06 AM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, June 13 /PRNewswire/ --, a Los Angeles, CA based Broadband over Power Line (BPL) network provider ( ), announces its selection of award-winning wholesale Internet Service Provider (ISP) and aggregator, ( ) as a partner in the roll-out of high- speed BPL-based internet service in central Michigan. is the wholesale network provider partnering with to provide BPL services through local ISPs to end subscribers.

( ) is an ISP wholesaler whose leading edge "ISP-in-a-box" software enables a retail ISP to easily deploy network services such as Broadband over Power Line and outsource various back-office operations to's "Ultimate Back Office for ISPs" ensures higher uptime and a quality experience for ISPs and their subscribers. is partnered with over 150 local and regional ISPs across the U.S. and will partner with additional ISPs as expands its BPL footprint.

"The management team of has demonstrated an incredible commitment to creating a robust network." said Todd Grannis, CEO of "Together, we'll open the network to a wide range of local ISPs so subscribers can choose their own Internet provider or stay with their current provider to get high speed access." That means most subscribers won't have to change their email addresses, a critical consideration when subscribers change services. has a business strategy aimed at deploying broadband networks into rural and other areas that are either unserved (no broadband providers) or underserved (only 1 broadband provider choice) by traditional broadband providers. This strategy enables Consumers Energy, and other large energy companies, to enter into a service relationship with assumes full responsibility for the expert design, build-out, operation and maintenance of the network and deploys to the end subscriber through partnerships such as with or large, national Internet Service Providers.

Subscribers will have access to three levels of high speed Internet service: 768 Kbps, 1.5 Mbps, and 3.0 Mbps. The service will have advantages over typical broadband services because the speeds are not only symmetrical allowing for the same download and upload speeds, but designed to be highly available.

Most broadband services are asymmetrical, which means the upload speeds are much slower than download speeds.'s symmetrical service provides upload speeds that are just as fast as its download speeds. And where most broadband services provide speeds "up to" the advertised speed,'s network has been architected to be at or near the purchased service speeds. This is increasingly important as new technology and subscribers demand more from their internet connection. Sending larger files, pictures and other graphics will be faster. Internet chats that include video will be more responsive; VPN connections and hosted websites will perform better and Internet gaming will be more enjoyable.

The partnership between and will help ensure all subscribers receive customer service that is a higher level of quality because local and regional ISPs will have a single point of contact through

So it's better service but what about the cost? and expect residential prices to be highly competitive with services on the market today. That's more good news for subscribers.

"We are delighted to enter into this partnership with is just the kind of innovative service provider that we need to help us ensure that our network reaches deeply into unserved and underserved communities and is recognized as a truly superior service", added David Flaxman, VP of Business Development for

On April 30, and Consumers Energy announced that will initially deploy its BPL network to 15,000 homes in and around the city of Grand Ledge, west of Lansing. Once this initial phase is operational in the 4th quarter of 2007, Consumers Energy will grant to additional service areas in blocks of 100,000 customers. intends to roll out its BPL network to reach 1 million Michigan customers over the next several years.

About is a Broadband over Power Line (BPL) turn-key solutions partner committed to bringing high-speed Internet access for data, voice and video-on-demand to homes and offices in unserved and underserved areas in association with their utility and value-added partners. The company also offers its energy company partners BPL-specific services that assist in improving the reliability and safety of the grid, as well as automatic meter reading and other smart grid applications. ( )

About ( ) is an award-winning wholesale ISP that develops and operates innovative software that enables local and regional Internet Service Providers to reach more subscribers, improve their services and significantly reduce management and support overhead.

For more information you can contact at or at (310) 442-7807.

CONTACT INFORMATION: David Flaxman, VP Bus. Dev. (973.819.6449), LLC 12100 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 705 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Tel.: (310) 442-7807

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