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Revolutionary Data Warehouse in a Box Product Release!
Aug 14, 2013 (01:08 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, Aug. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- n-Tier, an industry-leading software provider, today announced the release of its Data Warehouse in a Box (DWB) offering providing clients with the ability to rapidly create any type of data warehouse with no development expense.

Data Warehouse in a Box is the latest ground breaking innovation by n-Tier!

"Utilizing n-Tier's advanced configurable Data Warehouse, clients can create a robust data warehouse with reliable and accurate data, built-in reporting and content distribution, in a fraction of the time required with conventional methods," said Geoff Love, Head of Business and Product Development for n-Tier. 

"The release of the data warehouse in a box is the next logical step in the development of our product line and will be transformative in how users approach and build data warehouses in the future," said Peter Gargone, CEO of n-Tier.

Specifically, data warehouse projects generally require 80% of their time to extract, clean and load data.  DWB provides capabilities that dramatically reduce that effort.

Functionality Delivered

DWB provides the ability to establish any number of feeds from any number of systems in any format into your Data Warehouse using its user interface which does not require development expertise.  In addition to enabling feeds to be linked to your Data Warehouse without development expense, the DWB also provides the ability to validate the data feeding in to your Warehouse with exception handling capabilities that direct the data errors to the appropriate owner. This functionality ensures the data is accurate and consistent eliminating the poor data quality issues that plague most data warehouse initiatives.  DWB also provides robust user configurable reporting capabilities that support a wide range of reporting.  There is also a secure distribution portal capability enable the securing delivery of reports to any number of users.

Flexibility and Capability

DWB supports any type of data or content, whether structured or unstructured.  It also supports the most widely used relational data bases.  DWB has been tuned over a number of years and processes your data requests at very high speeds.  DWB makes sense in any size environment whether for a modest size data warehouse or a global enterprise level warehouse. 

Next Steps

If you are planning to construct a data warehouse in the near future, please contact us at  We are convinced DWB would dramatically reduce the cost and time required to deliver your project.

About n-Tier F.S.

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Geoffrey Love

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