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Grant's Interest Rate Observer August 9th issue is released
Aug 07, 2013 (12:08 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The August 9th issue of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, a journal of the financial markets, is published and available to the public. This issue is now available for download at for all subscribers. To subscribe please visit: or call John D'Alberto: (646) 312-8890.

The current issue includes the following articles:

Central bank to the world, perhaps

It isn't just the American economy that's hooked on ultra-easy money. Europe and Asia are, too. Which is to say, Paris and Seoul are rooting as hard for the continued nonstop printing of dollars as the leveraged speculators on Wall Street are.

Special situation redux

In its fair and balanced coverage of U.S. monetary policy, this publication censures the Fed for its downward suppression of interest rates. Yet, equally, we extoll the prudent exploitation of that public-policy blunder for private gain. Enter—or rather, re-enter—a certain value-laden real estate finance company.

Quartered and drawn

Mortgage REITs are the subject under discussion, and a timely topic it is. MBS--mortgage-backed securities—are hard enough to manage in ordinary times. They are extra rambunctious in interesting ones.

Hit by a truck

Revisiting a bullish analysis of a certain cyclical manufacturer.

Your pain was statistically unwarranted

From the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York comes the welcome news that the 45 trading-day interest-rate levitation ending on July 5 wasn't much to worry about, after all. 

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