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Neil Godbole and the early days of the Internet with Bulletin Board Systems
Jul 19, 2013 (07:07 AM EDT)

SARATOGA, Calif., July 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Neil Godbole was not only a part of the BBS community, but also a Systems Operator (SysOp) himself.  Neil Godbole reminisces saying, "I remember being about 13 years old and having my mother drop me off at a local IHOP restaurant to finally personally meet other members of the BBS community in Silicon Valley; this must have been around 1993.  Beyond the shock of a table covered with curly fries and baked potatoes, I quickly realized that I must have been the youngest member by a margin of over 20 years!"  But Neil Godbole knew this was just the beginning, and that the community and technologies being used were only in their infancy and would one day change the way we lived.  "Of course there were the big boards like CompuServe and Prodigy, but the experience of installing, configuring, operating, and advertising my own BBS with 2 incoming phone lines was an invaluable aid in developing the skills I would later need to manage and develop my own businesses," says Neil Godbole

Soon a strong and local community of BBS'ers had emerged, and as their numbers grew, signs that a big shift was about to occur were popping up.  Group chat had always been a big feature of early Bulletin Boards and around 1997, rumors were starting to spread that there was a global infrastructure being laid out which could have the potential to connect everybody together instantly.  Neil Godbole says, "I remember talking to a buddy of mine that was also heavily involved in the BBS'ing world, and he mentioned that the new thing everybody was moving to was called Internet Relay Chat or IRC.  We could do everything we were currently doing but without the need to setup our own boards and use our own lines.  It wasn't long after hearing this that I set myself up with a Netcom account and not only discovered a bustling community with IRC, but also the fledgling Web Browsing Protocol and the community of home pages that were beginning to spring up.  It certainly felt like the Wild West at the time, and in many ways, I think it still is – It's just that now, we're all here together." 

About: Neil Godbole uses his early involvement in the BBS community to gain a unique understanding and perspective on emerging Internet Technology. 

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