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The Stefan Chaligne Wine Association Launches with New Dedicated Blog For Wine Connoisseurs
Aug 15, 2013 (02:08 PM EDT)

ZURICH, Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Stefan Chaligné announces the creation of the Stefan Chaligne Wine Association, and the launch of their new dedicated wine blog,

The organization and blog will focus on exceptional wines and the extraordinary people who produce them. The association's blog will also feature articles on the various picturesque locations that are home to many of the premier wine estates in the world.

"My own love of wine does not begin and end with the bottle but with the people and the stories that accompany the creations of each glass. There are organizations who focus on the chemical process of creating wine, but I want to make this blog a home to more personal stories about the emotion and adventure that is so much a part of every vineyard," said Stefan Chaligné, Head of the Stefan Chaligne Wine Association (

Each post on the association's blog will be written by a member with extensive knowledge of the subject wine or estate. New contributing members of the Stefan Chaligne Wine Association will be chosen among applicants who possess each of the following criteria:

  • Independent wine lovers who are not professional Vintners but may produce wine for their own consumption.
  • Enthusiastic wine lovers who have personally experienced the wines they will discuss or have a direct connection to a particular estate or owner.
  • Individuals with historical knowledge of estates or the winemaking process who can comment on the evolution of wine production.

Interested applicants should contact the Wine Association via their website.

"My goal is for the Stefan Chaligne Wine Association to be a home for those who can appreciate the love and care that goes into nurturing the finest wines in the world and that our discussions will add to the enjoyment our members take from each bottle," Chaligné said.

About The Stefan Chaligne Wine Association:
The Stefan Chaligne Wine Association was created by Stefan Chaligné to engage wine lovers from around the world in conversation about fine wines and the extraordinary people who create and enjoy them.

SOURCE The Stefan Chaligne Wine Association