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Concern About NSA PRISM Program Highlights Need for Enhanced Cloud Privacy
Jun 07, 2013 (10:06 AM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of revelations of the top-secret program PRISM, as reported late Thursday by some of the largest news organizations, it appears several major online companies may be releasing data to government agencies - without users' consent. Online backup service IDrive, and cloud storage provider IDriveSync are announcing their services are as secure as ever with 256-bit AES encryption including private key encryption.

"When users select our private key option, they prevent anyone - even us - from accessing their data," explained CEO Raghu Kulkarni. "This private key is not stored anywhere on our end, so no one, not us, not even the government, can access the files. Even if the government could access our customers' data, it would be completely unreadable." Kulkarni went on to explain how this feature placed IDriveSync apart from other competitors, "Other online storage providers like Google Drive, SkyDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox do not offer this level of privacy and security, offering only a default method which could be accessed by the provider."

To help those who may be concerned about the safety of their data, IDrive is offering new customers a 20% discount on their first year of service through the special promo code 'PRISM'. IDriveSync users can benefit from a free 10GB account. Business Development Associate Shane Bingham stated, "We take customer privacy very seriously, and want to encourage everyone to make informed choices about how their data is secured. At a time when other storage providers' commitment to their users are being questioned, this offer is our way of saying 'we understand,' our customers come before anything else."

Those interested in the backup service can visit, and sign up for any plan using promo code 'PRISM' to receive the 20% discount. For the IDriveSync product, visit

About IDrive and IDriveSync
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Raghu Kulkarni