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D-KIDS Launches JAPAN ATTRACTIONS Website Designed to Introduce Japanese Culture to Foreign Visitors
Jun 12, 2013 (09:06 PM EDT)


TOKYO, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- D-KIDS, Inc. has launched "JAPAN ATTRACTIONS" (, a new web-based service that provides foreign tourists visiting Japan with information on events related to Japanese culture gaining appreciation across the world.

"JAPAN ATTRACTIONS" brings together and provides a wide variety of information from across Japan, straddling a broad genre of culture such as traditional culture (including "ukiyoe," "kabuki" and Japanese drum "taiko"), pop culture (including animation, "manga" comics, costume play, hot heartthrobs and "kawaii" or cute items), food (including "ramen" noodle, Japanese cuisine and sake or rice wine), temple and shrine festivals, and traditional dances.

However, what JAPAN ATTRACTIONS seeks is not just having foreigners tour the so-called golden routes of popular sightseeing spots. JAPAN ATTRACTIONS wants them to participate in Japan's cultural events, experiencing for themselves contemporary Japanese culture, obtaining deeper understanding of and interest in Japan, and thus going through valuable hands-on experience.

The JAPAN ATTRACTIONS also introduces special features showing the changing seasons and festivals unique to Japan. The first of the forthcoming special features now available on the website concerns Mt. Fuji that is soon to be registered as a World Cultural Heritage site. This special feature introduces, among others, hands-on events held in sight of Mt. Fuji and exhibitions of art works depicting the mountain.

D-KIDS will continue to enhance information offered on the website as well as its functions in the hope that as many people from the world as possible will experience Japanese culture.

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