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InnoVenture.Com: See Who's Making Valuable Connections
Jul 18, 2013 (05:07 PM EDT)

GREENVILLE S.C., July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- InnoVenture.Com, a value-added web platform that connects entrepreneurs, technologies, companies, and capital has launched an enhanced web-site to facilitate global connections.  InnoVenture.Com is a "network of networks" that reduces the time and cost for enterprises to find new ideas or companies that may have developed the "next big thing." InnoVenture.Com's growth in the past 12 months has been significant, with double-digit expansion of robust industry networks churning already.

InnoVenture's business model "disintermediates" traditional business development activities, resulting in faster time to market, new relationships, and possible acquisition targets.  It expands the exposure of individual entrepreneurs, innovators and technologies to potential customers and capital sources.  InnoVenture.Com is a paid service for corporate networks and enterprise clients due to its proprietary accelerant role, but for now it's free for individual opportunity-seekers. is much easier and less expensive than other methods of generating high quality business leads.

John Warner, CEO and Founder of InnoVenture.Com, said, "We believe will become the industry standard for corporate development activities, and open innovation networking. Our corporate networking service is being rapidly adopted by users and industry alike, seeking successful partnerships.  Our Enterprise Clients and Marketing Clients are finding new companies in which to invest and partner, and our individual members are daily finding new customer and capital raising opportunities—all through the social power of the Internet.

CEO Testimonial:  The largest network is InnoMobility, focused on sustainable multimodal transportation. In just months, that network has grown to 71 ideas followed by 800 collaborators with deep resources. Corey Clothier, CEO of COMET in Detroit, said, "I have been introduced to 10 potential collaborators and customers through, and am excited about the synergy between my project and other members." 

CEO TestimonialSteve Townes, founder of Ranger Aerospace and CEO of Louis Berger Services, Inc., said, "Our InnoVenture pages have led to specific new business discussions and acquisition queries from potential target companies for our large technical services group. It is also generating positive buzz among companies looking to expand, relocate, or invest in the burgeoning aerospace sector in our state." 

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