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Swrve and MobileAppTracking Team Up To Deliver Personalized App/Game Based On Acquisition Source
Oct 02, 2013 (01:10 PM EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Swrve, the in-app direct marketing platform, announced today a full integration with MobileAppTracking by HasOffers, the leader in mobile advertising attribution analytics. This integration allows companies to quickly measure true ROI on their acquisition spend and also maximize that ROI through personalized user experiences based on acquisition source.

MobileAppTracking enables companies to track marketing campaigns across multiple ad networks, providing data on clicks, conversions and other data that is presented in easy-to-understand reports and charts. Integration into Swrve means companies now have views into where their users came from combined with Swrve's industry-leading metrics on revenue, user purchases, and app/game activities. Swrve's integration with MobileAppTracking enables clients to accurately determine ROI on all advertising spend by measuring the value of users that come from each advertising partner.

"We are very excited to offer integration with HasOffers' MobileAppTracking, a move that allows companies to improve retention rates and personalize user experiences", said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. "Our value proposition is not just analytics. We are a platform that enables companies to change the user experience and perform instant tests for optimization. Armed with MobileAppTracking's ad-partner specific data, a company can then integrate it with Swrve to offer a different experience for certain groups of players/users, based on their specific acquisition source."

This integration now means segments in Swrve can be created against all acquisition sources reported by HasOffers, which in turn exposes these acquisition segments to the full range of Swrve capabilities. Users now can perform various tasks:

  • Report revenue numbers and the full range of app KPIs against acquisition source - thus delivering a full understanding of marketing campaign ROI
  • A/B test and deliver alternative app experiences to user from specific acquisition campaigns - meaning best possible retention levels for all users
  • Deliver in-app messages and interstitials targeted at users from particular sources (for example presenting more video content to users that came from video-centric ad channels) in order to drive conversions and engagement

"MobileAppTracking puts mobile app marketers in the driver's seat by letting them choose how to analyze and where to pass their own data," said Peter Hamilton, CEO of HasOffers. "By integrating with Swrve, our clients have the advantages of Swrve's analytic insights tied to our unbiased attribution, which provides deeper, more granular visibility into consumer behavior and ROI positive advertising channels."

About MobileAppTracking by HasOffers
MobileAppTracking (MAT) is one central, unbiased platform for mobile app marketers to attribute app installs, in-app engagement and purchases back to ad partners (such as social networks, publishers and mobile ad networks). By implementing MAT, app developers never have to install another SDK to attribute conversion to new advertising partners. MAT is a preferred measurement partner for Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, and is integrated with over 250 major mobile ad networks and publishers.

About Swrve
Swrve is the world's first in-app marketing platform. Swrve enables product and monetization managers to deliver outstanding, personalized, user experiences and ultra-targeted marketing campaigns. That in turn means maximized retention, conversion and in-app revenues. Swrve is used by some of the world's leading app and games developers live in some of the world's most successful apps and handling over 2 billion events a day. Our customers use Swrve to go beyond 'dumb analytics', instead optimizing using a 'test and target' philosophy that brings real data to the challenge of producing world-beating apps.