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PinLeague Releases Industry's First Repinner Analytics Tool - Highly Awaited Feature Shows Who is Repinning and How Frequently
Aug 13, 2013 (12:08 PM EDT)

OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- PinLeague, the leading software-as-a-service Pinterest analytics and marketing suite, announced today the launch of a new feature called Top Repinners that allows customers to view detailed data about who is repinning their content.

Marketers previously had to rely upon individual notifications coming from Pinterest to alert them when someone had repinned one of their pins. That becomes challenging to manage when one's content is repinned more often; it also fails to offer insights that help make sense of the activity. This has been a significant pain point for marketers who desired more information, such as what is being repinned and who was performing the repinning, available at both the individual and aggregate level.

"Repins are the most common form of user engagement on Pinterest, yet, repins are not well understood," said Danny Maloney, CEO and Co-Founder of PinLeague. "Before we implemented this new feature, marketers did not have adequate visibility into who was repinning their content, where it was being repinned, and why."

With the Top Repinners feature from PinLeague, users will be able to review who their most active repinners were over various time frames. Using the data, marketers will be able to engage in one-on-one communication with their active followers and harness these brand advocates. Companies will be able to deepen their relationships with the users whether by simply saying 'thank you', providing special offers to loyal advocates or engaging more personally.

PinLeague provides various benefits for clients and social media and PR agencies that want to gain intelligence about their own or their clients' Pinterest activities. Through its advanced analytics, companies are able to identify key elements of their audience, including identifying their biggest fans. Clients have then used this information to alter their marketing strategies or to learn tactics to attract fans.

About PinLeague
PinLeague is a Pinterest analytics and marketing suite that helps companies maximize their ROI from Pinterest. The company's SaaS services are available to both in-house social media teams and agencies. PinLeague was founded by Danny Maloney and Alex Topiler, who began the company through a Startup Weekend NYC event. Today, PinLeague serves 1,500 brands and 200 agencies worldwide.

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