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Multimedia Update: Iowa Farm Family Unleashes BusterBall™ -- And The World Will Never Be The Same
Jun 21, 2013 (09:06 AM EDT)

OTTUMWA, Iowa, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Straight from America's heartland comes a hot new 3D game app that demands determination, skill and a thick skin. BusterBall™ – the first video game app created by Full Sea Productions – is now available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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At the heart of the new game is Buster: a bright, yellow, talking ball whose wise guy comments will make game players snicker, guffaw and if they're not careful, become completely distracted. Play your best or Buster will come back with one of his 'bazillion' snarky comments: "It looks like you've been chased through the forest of stupid and hit every tree!"

The basic premise of BusterBall is to shoot an exploding ball toward Buster and get as close as you can without hitting him—similar to Bocce Ball. But BusterBall rolls off in a different direction. First, there are those in-your-face insults from Buster. And if that doesn't completely distract game players, there are all sorts of interference thrown into the path of your roll including exploding barrels, unexplored tunnels, magnetrons and repelling mushrooms.

To succeed, steel-nerved players will need to discover constantly evolving strategies to help get them close to Buster without hitting him. Successful players will collect coins, rewards and achievements. Master one level of BusterBall and new challenges and characters pop up. Oh, but if you do bump your ball into the smack talking little guy, he detonates your ball, your game points are lost and Buster gets even more ornery.

BusterBall will be taking players to challenging 3D locations by continually releasing new courses regularly for the rest of the year including Victorian era villages, spooky graveyards and a haunted mansion.

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Full Sea Productions, based in Ottumwa, Iowa, is comprised of a lone Iowa farm family: the Mooneys. In addition to video game development, the Mooneys manage a 200-acre farm. "Not your typical video game company," says Scott Mooney, co-game creator and CEO of Full Sea. "But we're not making your typical video games either."

The company's vision statement and day-to-day mantra is: Never Game the Same Again™. They will continue to develop shockingly funny video games that inspire laughter, snickers, giggles and the occasional happy snort.

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