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Email Aptitude Expands Weather-Based Marketing Automation Technology
May 22, 2013 (11:05 PM EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO, May 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Email Aptitude, a leading email strategy and marketing technology firm, announced today that it has implemented key additions to its patent-pending EA Rainmaker technology. These enhancements include real-time coverage for Canada plus the ability to schedule forecast triggers based on temperature dips and spikes.


The EA Rainmaker technology already covers every US zip code in real-time and now accommodates every city, territory, and province in Canada.  This added coverage allows marketers on any ESP to create targeted email triggers, automatically deploying to customers living in an area where a marketer-defined weather condition is going to occur. [Video:]

In addition to creating triggers based on real-time weather conditions and over 30 forecasted conditions, a retailer can now create a scheduled trigger based on a temperature spike. For example, a campaign can be created to deploy daily to customers living in a city where there will be a 25 degree increase (or decrease) in temperature in 7 days.

"The addition of the temperature increase functionality allows marketers to get even more surgical with how they target based on weather conditions," said Kimberly Snyder, Director of Strategy, Email Aptitude.

Retailers can leverage this technology as an individual tool or combine it with other functionality via Email Aptitude's SaaS platform. A marketer can create multiple campaigns, each with custom creative and weather condition logic.

"We are excited to continue evolving this technology," said Forest Bronzan, CEO, Email Aptitude. "With key retailers in Canada, and many clients focusing on their Canadian customer base, it was natural to expand real-time coverage. "

Retailers interested in learning more about how the weather-based email trigger automation technology can add value to their programs should contact Email Aptitude for a private demo.

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With published strategists and IR500 clients, Email Aptitude focuses on the email channel and provides strategic services, full-service management, and savvy technology through its ESP-agnostic SaaS platform. From triggers based on site affinity to patent-pending technology for automation based on forecasted weather conditions, Email Aptitude's functionality enables marketers to have a powerful arsenal of tools at their fingertips. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, with an office in New York City, NY.

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