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How To Harness The Power Of Social Media In Pharmaceutical eMarketing
Sep 04, 2013 (01:09 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

How To Harness The Power Of Social Media In Pharmaceutical eMarketing

This report examines the Internet as it stands today for physicians, patients and Pharma, and analyzes how the old marketing strategies must change to reflect the times. We watch the evolution of the Internet from a static Web page to an ever-changing social hub and with it, the notions of customer connections. We look at specific tools in the social media age, observing how patients, physicians and businesses in all industries use blogs, social networking, Twitter, YouTube and other new media tools, and develop best practices for their use. Finally, we tie it all together, examining key case studies of eMarketing campaigns, with instructions on first steps for your own campaign, and taking a close look at measurement.

eMarketing can be a challenge. However, with some company initiative, firm goals and insider knowledge provided by this report, marketers can also find eMarketing to be an empowering opportunity for their brands.
For most of us, the Internet is a fact of life. However, we still flounder when it comes to justifying online marketing to both ourselves and our CFOs. We're still stumped by the ideas of effectively reaching our audience in the vast reaches of the Internet, meeting their needs while also meeting our marketing objectives, and simultaneously being able to measure our success in financial terms rather than simply 'activity tracking' for our CFOs.

This challenge can be troublesome enough to prompt some companies and marketers to sit it out apart from the obligatory corporate website, or to half-heartedly engage in some online activities like a website, some banner ads and blogs and a Facebook page without a real plan to meet the customer and CFO objectives. New initiatives are started and neglected, or focused entirely on the wrong things. As a result, companies miss out. Potential customers - both physicians and patients - don't get the message, or feel alienated.

That's what can go wrong. It's the potential of wasted time, money and opportunity. However, what can go right is even more striking. An eMarketing campaign that is built on strategy and a deep knowledge of an audience, whilst firmly keeping the marketing objectives in mind, can be extremely powerful. An eMarketing campaign that effectively uses the Internet as a platform, a 'jumping off' point to create value and relationships, and a means to speak specifically to marketers' targets and create two-way value, is one that can succeed beyond many marketers wildest expectations.

Executive Summary

Section 1: Internet, E-marketing, and Brand-Building Basics
Chapter 1: Pharma Internet Marketing, Past and Present
Chapter 2: Creating an Effective Online Strategy
Chapter 3: Building a Trusted Online Pharmaceutical Brand

Section 2: the Evolution of E-marketing
Chapter 4: Where it All Began: Websites
Chapter 5: Where it Moved: E-detailing and E-learning
Chapter 6: A New Concept for Planning E-marketing
Chapter 7: Where we are Now: Social Media and New Technologies
Chapter 8: Using Social Media as an Online Community for Marketing

Section 3: Key Social Media and Web 2.0 tools
Chapter 9: Maximizing the use of Blogs
Chapter 10: Maximizing the use of Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin
Chapter 11: Maximizing the use of Twitter
Chapter 12: Maximizing the use of Youtube
Chapter 13: Maximizing the use of Other New Media tools
Chapter 14: Maximizing the use of Google

Section 4: Putting it together
Chapter 15: Tying it All together: Social Media and Business
Chapter 16: The Main Hurdles For Social Media in Pharma and how to Overcome them
Chapter 17: Getting Started With Social Media and Web 2.0
Chapter 18: Measurement of Your E-marketing Campaign



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