Mar 24, 2003 (07:03 PM EST)
Huawei Promises To Delete Copied Cisco Code

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Huawei Technologies Co. says it will remove from its router software code copied from competitor Cisco Systems.

The Chinese company acknowledged in papers filed Monday in federal court in Texas that less than 2% of the 1.5 million lines of code comprising its VRP router software is copied.

Huawei said the tainted code is confined to one module of the software and won't be in new versions. The company said an employee who did not know the software was copyrighted used the code.

Cisco sued Huawei in January, alleging the telecommunications equipment maker copied source code of Cisco's Internet Operating System.

The company claims Huawei took portions of the operating system's source code for its Quidway routers and switches. Cisco is seeking a preliminary and a permanent injunction prohibiting Huawei from selling Quidway products containing the patented code. The company also seeks monetary damages.