Mar 30, 2003 (07:03 PM EST)
Storage-Management Options Expanded

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The price of storage hardware keeps falling, but that isn't always the case for storage-management software, which is growing in features and sophistication. Some large businesses spend more than $1 million on storage-management software, even though it doesn't fully replace all of the staff work involved in storage management, backup, and recovery.

Businesses looking for a full suite of storage-management software usually turn to large vendors such as Computer Associates, EMC, IBM, or Veritas Software. Another alternative is a smaller, independent software developer such as CommVault Systems Inc., which this week will introduce QiNetix 4.2, a software package that includes information on life-cycle management, enhanced backup and recovery support, and a business-continuity suite of products. Also included is load balancing, failover, and automatic provisioning of systems.

CommVault has a shot at gaining market share against industry leaders, says Forrester Research analyst Anders Lofgren, because it already has achieved some success in the backup and recovery market, where it battles with CA and Veritas. "It's surprising they've had such staying power up until now," Lofgren says. "They have a track record and revenue behind them, which puts them in a better position than any startup."