Mar 30, 2003 (07:03 PM EST)
Evolving IT Priorities: 2Q 2003

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The war in Iraq is underway, the stock market continues to be volatile, terrorism is a constant threat and in some places of the U.S. gasoline prices are nearing $3 per gallon. All of this is having a negative impact on IT confidence levels, one that promises significant economic ramifications, poorer business prospects, declining IT budgets and fewer project starts.

InformationWeek Research's Evolving IT Priorities: 2Q 2003 spotlights IT projects, spending, technology priorities and business initiatives. It's a quarterly tracking study that provides an indication of what's in store in the coming quarter from the perspective of 300 business technology executives. The study also features InformationWeek's IT Confidence Index, a research tool that measures and tracks the business outlook of professionals who control or influence their organization's IT spending.

Use this report to evaluate your IT strategies, plan for future quarters and jump out ahead of your competition.

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