Jun 23, 2002 (08:06 PM EDT)
Info Security Outsourcer Expands Through Acquisition

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Add Veridian's Veritect unit to the roster of information security companies acquired by RedSiren Technologies, a global provider of outsourced security services.

The 3-year-old company, working with investment firm Redleaf Group, recently bought Secure360, AtomicTangerine, Secure Building Blox, and Secure Network Group.

The acquisitions have let RedSiren acquire technologies and expand into new businesses, says CEO Doug Goodall. Besides its original managed-security offerings, RedSiren provides consulting services, distance and classroom security education, and software development. "As an early-stage company, you could die on the vine if you have only one solution," says Goodall, a former managing director at Redleaf, which owns about 70% of RedSiren.

Veritect brings RedSiren, among other things, a Unix tool called Vigilance that monitors network vulnerabilities. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.