Sep 29, 2002 (08:09 PM EDT)
Collaborate, Even With Bad Handwriting

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Corel Corp. says it will introduce a hybrid graphics and collaboration application for Tablet PC, the forthcoming portable-computing device based on a version of Microsoft Windows. Corel's Grafigo software is designed to let users take advantage of Tablet PC's pen-based input capabilities to collaborate with co-workers and partners via handwriting or sketching.

Quick adoption of the Tablet PC could give Corel a much-needed boost. Last week, the company posted a $59.1 million third-quarter loss after taking a $50.5 million charge to write down goodwill. Without the write-down, the company reported a loss of $8.6 million on revenue of $31.3 million. For Corel to get a boost, the Tablet PC must function as promised. An executive at one major PC maker says his company has yet to decide whether to offer the device, noting that Microsoft hasn't demonstrated a Tablet PC operating system with properly functioning handwriting technology.

Still, a number of hardware makers have committed to sell the devices when Microsoft releases the operating system in November, including Fujitsu PC Corp. and Toshiba. Other software vendors on board for the launch include Adobe Systems Inc. and SAP.