Sep 29, 2002 (08:09 PM EDT)
Jobless Get Busy

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CIOs are risk-takers and innovators when it comes to implementing technology. Well, why shouldn't they put those same attributes to work in job-hunting?

Unemployed CIO John McCormick says he took a leap of faith when he joined a group of out-of-work technology execs and other business professionals called WeWantWork. Their goal is just that: They want work, and they're taking to the streets to get it. Last Tuesday, WeWantWork's members staged a rally at high-traffic spots in Manhattan to market their skills and their Web site, which publishes their resumés. "I got about 15 business cards" from recruiters, IT consultants, venture capitalists, and others, McCormick says.

Once all 44 of its members are employed, WeWantWork will put itself out of business.