Jul 23, 2002 (08:07 PM EDT)
Students Still See Careers With IT Leaders

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Showing either farsighted loyalty or a supreme disinterest in current events, IT students surveyed say they see their future in the tech industries' leading companies: Cisco Systems, Intel, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems. Not only that, IT and engineering students expect to make more money out of the gate than business students, according to an annual survey of 6,000 undergraduates at 56 U.S. universities.

The survey, conducted by research and consulting firm Universum Communications, chronicles the fading glories of Internet companies. Last year, they were the most popular career targets among business and IT students. Today, they're No. 16. Ambitious students now are interested in working for entertainment and media firms such as Disney, Fox, LucasArts Entertainment Company, and Pixar Animation Studios.

IT students say they expect to make $50,000 at their first job, compared with the $45,000 business students foresee. Taken together, both groups of students say they expect to work for three to five years for their first employer.