Apr 28, 2002 (08:04 PM EDT)
2002 National IT Salary Survey

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Economic conditions have had a significant impact on IT compensation and benefits in the last year. Total compensation is dropping and it's a buyer's market for IT talent. Consequently, IT professionals must reset their expectations about salary, compensation and benefits. End of story? No, it's just the beginning of new management challenges. What incentives are managers using to attract and retain IT talent? Which IT job functions are most in demand in 2002? Which job titles are slated for the largest salaries and increases in 2002? How does location influence pay? Business and IT professionals now have a tool to evaluate work compensation with InformationWeek Research's 5th annual National IT Salary Survey.

The largest employee-based IT salary study in the U.S., the report documents the responses of more than 10,000 IT professionals. The report explores IT compensation and benefits trends across twenty IT job functions and management positions. Bonuses, stock options as well as the impact that gender and location have on compensation packages are also addressed in the 26-page National IT Salary Survey report.

Findings are segmented according to the job functions of managers and staff for the most comprehensive analysis possible. The report also compares this year's results and those of 2001 and 2000.

Pages: 26
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