Dec 27, 2004 (09:12 AM EST)
First Look: Mozilla's Thunderbird 1.0

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I've seen the hundreds and hundreds of press mentions about Mozilla's latest application, the Thunderbird e-mail client, and finally downloaded it as I did Mozilla's Firefox Web browser a few weeks ago.

Well, I hadn't used Thunderbird for more than three minutes when I fell in love with it. I highly suggest that you visit and download your own copy.

I loved it so much that I've replaced Eudora with Thunderbird on my Hot Resources For Small Businesses page. Here's why:

  • The interface is clean, simple and easy to use -- things make sense.
  • I can finally access the authenticated outgoing mail server of EarthLink from a hotel, the office, or anywhere without having to be on EarthLink's network.

    (To prevent spammers from using their outgoing e-mail servers, some Internet service providers such as EarthLink block access to their outgoing e-mail servers to anyone not logged onto their network. For example, if I were in a hotel and I dialed up to EarthLink, I could use the outgoing server. But if I connected to the Internet via the hotel's wireless network, I could not access EarthLink's outgoing server.)

    Eudora did not enable me to do this and I simply do not use Microsoft Outlook, which would have enabled me to do this.
  • I can read RSS feeds from within my e-mail client.
  • There's a global inbox that lets me control how I view all e-mail. For example, if I want to display all my e-mail across all of my accounts, but only from the last few days, I can.
  • I can multi-task. While a message is being sent I can go back to the main Thunderbird window and do other tasks. In Eudora and Outlook you can only do one thing at a time for the most part.
I'm sure there will be more reasons why I like Thunderbird, but these are a few from my first look. I'm excited about this product.

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