Jun 03, 2013 (06:06 AM EDT)
10 Social Business Leaders For 2013

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Enterprise Social Networks: Must-Have Features Guide
Enterprise Social Networks: Must-Have Features Guide
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The companies at the top of our E2 Social Business Leaders list for 2013 are putting social technologies to work on a global scale.

Drum roll, please.

On Friday, I announced State Street Corp. as our E2 Social Business of the Year for 2013. I'm pleased that Kristin Z. Waryas, VP of enterprise social collaboration will be joining me for an onstage interview at the E2 Conference in Boston, June 17-19.

Here is the rest of the top 10 list, with details about each honoree on the pages that follow.

1. State Street Corp. (see my feature interview with Kristin Z. Waryas.)

2. Unisys, Gloria Burke, director of knowledge and collaboration strategy and governance.

3. GE Capital, Ian Forrest, VP global marketing.

4. KPMG, Vishal Agnihotri, associate director, global knowledge services.

5. Leaseplan, Wim de Gier, senior global project manager.

6. DenMat, Jonathan Green, VP of IT.

7. Electrolux, Ralf Larsson, director, employee engagement.

8. Macquarie Group, Silu Modi, VP, digital marketing.

9. Mercer, CIO Harry Van Drunen.

10. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Kirsten Culbertson, interactive intranet producer.

These are enterprise social networking stories, with the exception of GE's Access GE customer community and Macquarie Group's social media participation program for financial advisers. GE is pursuing the broader vision of social business that spans both internal and external collaboration, working with Salesforce.com to enhance its Chatter tool to be able to address customer communities as well as internal collaboration.

In addition to Kristin Z. Waryas, two other honorees, Gloria Burke of Unisys and Vishal Agnihotri, will be on hand for the Q&A portion of the social business leaders session at E2. This is your chance to learn from their experience. Burke and Agnihotri will also participate in another panel discussion on Enterprise Social Networking Across Channels, Devices and Languages.

In addition, an E2 session featuring Macquarie's Silu Modi will address social media challenges for financial services firms.

Kristin Waryas' profile on State Street Collaborate
Kristin Waryas' profile on State Street Collaborate

These are really my picks, as the social business chair for E2, since I didn't enlist anyone to help with the judging this time. However, I had some serious debates with myself over the ranking and consider State Street and Unisys essentially tied, each with a great story to tell. The decision came down to a prejudice: I always think technology companies like Unisys ought to make effective use of technology, more so than the rest of us, and so I gave the edge to State Street as a company not in the technology business, but seeking to use it effectively.

We published a call for nominations in February and extended the deadline for nominations into May in search of more and better entries. I also invited entries from some of the organizations, such as Mercer, which I connected with through research for my Social Collaboration for Dummies book, which will be coming out later this year.

By the way, this wasn't supposed to be a contest for vendors, but NewsGator deserves some sort of prize for motivating and mobilizing the members of its community to submit nominations. State Street, Unisys, Mercer and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia all use the combination of Microsoft SharePoint and NewsGator Social Sites to power social collaboration networks for their employees. They also had good stories to tell about translating social business theory into practice.

Besides, the ability to coordinate action as a community is part of what makes a social business, so I couldn't hold that against them. If you want to be recognized, it helps to speak up. Social business leaders can't be shy.

Read on for more about organizations and their leaders who have something to boast about.