Apr 04, 2013 (07:04 AM EDT)
Top 10 Changes iOS 7 Needs

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The first iPhone was introduced in 2007 to great anticipation and fanfare. It quickly became a hot commodity, featuring cool stuff everyone had to have. It's now 2013 and we're quickly approaching the six-year anniversary for the device that would rule them all.

When the iPhone was introduced, it brought PDA/PIM data together with your cell phone, your music and videos, and made everything work, and work well. Since its introduction, Android has matured. Windows Phone has been reinvented and revised and even BlackBerry is worth looking at again. The iPhone isn't the only player on the block that can do convergence and content consumption.

With the iPhone turning six and still sporting the same interface and launcher as it did when it was introduced, many here at BYTE think it's definitely time for a UI refresh, as well as other OS level improvements. In short, here are our suggestions for an anticipated update in the upcoming release of iOS 7.