Dec 31, 2012 (04:12 AM EST)
BlackBerry 10 Will Be Great, Please Wait, Says RIM

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BlackBerry customer email
RIM email to customers (click for larger image)

With just about a month to go until the rollout of BlackBerry 10, RIM is reaching out to customers and the public about how great it will be, hoping, no doubt, that customers will hold off buying an iPhone or Android phone or Windows Phone.

Will January 30, 2013 usher in an ironic future in which rebels bring their new BlackBerry devices into their iPhone-dominated offices, demanding that IT support them?

Below are 2 recent videos posted by RIM showing off features of the new OS and phones. Their most recent focus is the new HTML5-compliant BlackBerry web browser. The old — or current, to tell the truth — BlackBerry browser is so awful that BlackBerry users usually just make do without the web.

As RIM tells it, the new BlackBerry 10 web browser has all the modern features that users and web sites demand and is fast.

Of course, many love (or loved) their BlackBerries because of the excellent hard keyboard. Such BlackBerries will still be available, but RIM is putting a lot of marketing into their soft keyboard. RIM has put a lot of work into this keyboard to make it intelligent.

Just because you have a great product doesn't mean you'll be a success in the market. BlackBerry is still a big-enough deal that they will get exposure, get through to their users, especially to large businesses, and get into retail outlets.

If they pull it off, the Great BlackBerry Bounce will be the big story of 2013.