Mar 30, 2011 (10:03 AM EDT)
National Survey Finds 1 In 3 Mobile Phone Owners Would Know They've Lost Their Phone Within 15 Minutes

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Research carried out on behalf of SecurEnvoy shows that just over a third of mobile phone owners would notice they've lost their phone within 15 minutes and 61% would within the hour.

Researchers with YouGov--the company that carried out the survey of almost 2,000 people on behalf of SecurEnvoy, the tokenless two-factor authentication specialist--found that men would notice their phones had gone much quicker than women (40% male vs 29% female mobile phone owners would notice within 15 minutes) with a marked difference between age groups.

According to the survey, which was carried out in early March, younger mobile phone owners are far more likely to notice their phone had gone missing sooner with 28% of aged 18-24, saying they would notice their mobile going walkabout within 5 minutes of losing it, a time-span that tends to fall through the age groups to 13% in the 55-plus age range.

Those who have never been married think they would be far likelier to notice their phone had gone within 5 minutes (26%) when compared with those who are married (13%)!

"What these figures suggest," says Steve Watts, Co-founder of SecurEnvoy, "is that mobile phones have become part of the national psyche, with people carrying them around much in the same way as they carry their wallets and purses."

Watts continues, "the clear trend is that the younger a person is--and the more steeped in the digital culture they are--the more use and awareness they have of their mobile handset, resulting in mental alarm bells ringing if they find their prize possession missing, for whatever reason."

"Our observations here at SecurEnvoy suggest that the volume of data carried on the modern mobile--which may also be a smartphone--in the form of contacts, text plus picture messages, and the 'life' of its owner, is steadily rising," he added, 'we focus and care for one device and take more care of it'.

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