Apr 28, 2006 (04:04 PM EDT)
The BPM Journey

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Business process management is "a journey, not a destination." That's the description given by many BPM practitioners to writer Penny Lunt Crosman, author of the article "Processes Get Smart."In the piece, Crosman explains that even when nothing goes seriously wrong, a newly automated process still needs lots of work to improve its effectiveness. She then goes on to list five ways companies are using business activity management, business intelligence and BPM tools to design smarter processes.

For those readers taking the plunge into BPM waters, the article is worth the time.

Also, a survey of CIOs shows that BI applications are a top technology priority this year, and BPM is the No. 1 business concern. The findings reflect how these top execs are turning to BI and BPM tools to help them meet changing expectations for IT.

At one time, IT professionals were only expected to focus on cost, security and quality, but now businesses are also demanding solid information from data stores in order to succeed in highly competitive markets. With those kinds of pressures, it's little wonder that CIOs are shopping for BI.

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