Apr 24, 2006 (05:04 PM EDT)
JasperSoft Rolling Out BI Suite

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JasperSoft has released the roadmap for several modules that will eventually comprise its business intelligence software suite. The newest component is the JasperServer, a Java-based tool for customizing reports for any department within a company that needs financial and sales information.In the next 45 days, the San Francisco-based company plans to launch online analytical processing tools, called JasperAnalytics, for slicing and dicing information stored in data warehouses. Later in the year, the company is set to release Jasper ETL, integration tools for moving information from multiple databases into a data warehouse, and formatting the data so it can be analyzed.

In adopting open source as part of its development strategy, JasperSoft is taking the middle road among BI vendors. While vendors like Pentaho are building an entire BI stack using open source software, JasperSoft is using a mixture of open source and commercial applications. Other vendors, on the other hand, such as Business Objects and Microsoft are pure proprietary.

As to which approach works best for you will depend on how comfortable you are with open source. For a good rundown on Pentaho versus JasperSoft, I suggest checking out last summer's review on Business Intelligence Pipeline by Jacques Surveyer.

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