May 25, 2006 (02:05 PM EDT)
Throw Away The Spreadsheets

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While tossing all spreadsheets wouldn't be practical, it's good advice in the area of planning and budgeting. That's where stand-alone spreadsheets have become the biggest obstacle to making the business process a better management tool, according to Ventana Research.Replacing spreadsheets with software and using the technology's full capabilities would go a long way toward helping companies plan more effectively, become more efficient and increase performance of individuals and business units, the research firm says. In addition, budget and planning is critical to performance management, so improvements in the former will make the latter possible.

Anyway, get the details from Ventana's latest research on Business Intelligence Pipeline. And since were talking about performance management, it's a good time to mention the results of the latest readers poll.

Fully 58 percent of the respondents said they knew what performance management means, while nearly a third said they didn't know. The remainder didn't care. For the record, the term often refers to business intelligence software that focuses on measuring the performance of businesses based on such factors as sales figures, product movement and operational costs.

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