May 24, 2004 (01:05 PM EDT)
InformationWeek 100 Climbs Almost 1%

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Again without much news to trade on, our indexes closed the day within the relatively narrow range in which they've been for weeks. Things were looking pretty good until about midmorning when it became clear that OPEC wasn't ready to join with Saudi Arabia and open the spigots. It was a slow slide that ensued.

Our InformationWeek 100 index performed best, rising 0.9%, or 2.76 points, to 308.34. Just behind it was the Nasdaq, which rose 0.6%, or 10.89 points, to 1,922.98. Farther down the line was the S&P 500, which rose 0.2%, or 1.85 points, to close at 1,095.41. The Dow actually lost a bit of ground, having fallen 0.08%, or 8.31, to close at 9,958.43.

The Nasdaq-100 tracking stock was a pretty good indicator of overall tech-buying sentiment. It closed up 0.7%, or 24.1 cents, or $35.26. A middling 99 million shares were traded.