Apr 27, 2007 (01:04 PM EDT)
HP Offers Pre-Configured Server Cluster System

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Hewlett-Packard this week introduced a pre-configured server cluster system for high-performance computing, the latest in the company's growing list of pre-packaged hardware and software.

The HP Cluster Platform Express is comprised of HP BladeSystem c-Class servers. The system is available with up to 48 compute nodes, Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processors, and a choice of InfiniBand or Gigabit Ethernet interconnects. The new product, introduced Thursday, also has options for a factory-installed operating system, components, and cluster-management software.

Express is geared toward faster delivery times and less expensive integration costs. HP said it now offers more powerful systems as part of its Unified Cluster Portfolio program since its launch in 2004. The architecture includes HP ProLiant and Integrity servers based on AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon and Itanium 2 processors. It offers a variety of cluster interconnects, including Ethernet and InfiniBand, and the option of Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems.

Earlier this month, HP introduced a pre-packaged storage product called the StorageWorks All-in-One 1200. Geared for small and medium-sized businesses the new product is available with 12 hard drives, either Serial ATA or SAS, for a maximum of 9 terabytes in a two-unit rack mount form factor.

In February, HP launched a related pre-configured product for small- to medium-sized businesses called the HP StorageWorks D2D Backup System. The disk-based recovery system provides data protection for up to four servers in a single, self-managing device.