Oct 25, 2006 (12:10 PM EDT)
CinemaNow Gets Burn-To-DVD Deal With Lionsgate

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Online movie service CinemaNow on Wednesday said independent film studio Lionsgate had agreed to have its movies available for burning to DVD the same day the titles are released in stores.

CinemaNow is the first movie service to provide a burn-to-DVD service for Hollywood movies, although rival Movielink has announced plans for a similar service. CinemaNow offers films from major studios for burning, but the selection remains very limited at about 100.

The first Lionsgate movie to be available on CinemaNow and in retailers at the same time will be "An American Haunting," which is set for release this week. Older Lionsgate titles that will be available include "Reservoir Dogs" and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder."

Burn-to-DVD services are expected to eventually provide a big boost to distributing movies online, since it gets films out of the computer and onto the TV, the device most consumers prefer to use to watch movies. Hollywood, however, has been slow to license content to potential service providers out of fear of piracy.

Movie studios also have been reluctant to release major movies for burning to DVD to avoid angering retailers. DVDs downloaded from CinemaNow includes all the additional features available on store-bought discs.