Sep 27, 2006 (01:09 PM EDT)
Yahoo Acquires Video-Sharing Site Jumpcut

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Yahoo on Wednesday said it has acquired Jumpcut, a video-sharing site that provides online editing tools for creating movies.

Financial details were not disclosed, but the San Francisco startup will become a part of Yahoo's Social Media group, which includes the portal's photo-sharing service Flickr, and its bookmark-sharing service

In joining Yahoo, Jumpcut said it would get the development resources it needs "to make things happen faster and on a larger scale." In addition, the company said on its blog that it would be working with Yahoo media and advertising partners to offer more content that subscribers can use in remixing movies.

Yahoo is not a stranger to video editing through a browser. In a partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, Yahoo launched in April a Web-based video re-mixer as part of the opening of the 49th annual San Francisco International Film Festival. The tool let movie lovers compete in making the best mashup of clips from a variety of festival movies.

Yahoo is apparently looking to use online video editing as a differentiator among other video-sharing services. In addition, the technology could become an advertising vehicle. Automakers, for example, have offered promotions in which people create their own car commercials using online editing tools.

Video sharing and viewing has grown quickly over the last couple of years on the Web. The most popular site is YouTube, which from January to June grew 297 percent to a monthly unique audience of 19.6 million, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.