May 25, 2006 (03:05 PM EDT)
Verizon's New Service Promises To Boost Application Performance Up To 600%

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Whether your company is massive or miniscule, everyone's experienced the pain of working remotely. The screen refreshes seem to take hours. File transfers go to a crawl. It's little wonder that application acceleration technologies are so hot this year. It was only a matter of time before application acceleration outsourcing would go mainstream with Verizon Business's new Application Acceleration Services suite announced this week.

The suite consists of three offerings. The core service, Application Acceleration, introduces an express lane across the Internet that will accelerate Web-based applications 300 to 600 percent without adding equipment to your home, office, or a company's data center. The service is a rebranding of Netli's NetLightning or at least that's what we're told. We had to confirm that fact by phone because Netli's Web site was unreachable at the time -- not a good thing for an application delivery service.

Perhaps Netli should be using two of it's services being sold as part of Verizon's Application Acceleration suite. Application Continuity, an add-on service, rebrands NetliContinuity and provides redundancy between data centers. This allows IT to direct traffic to backup data centers as necessary, for example in the event of catastrophic failure, or in the event of a planned event, such as a maintenance window. Application Acceleration Portal is a rebranding of NetliView, and enables businesses to maintain, measure, and report on the health of their Web-based applications.