Apr 28, 2006 (11:04 AM EDT)
Yahoo Implicated In Jailing Of Fourth Chinese Advocate

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A Chinese dissident was sentenced to 10 years in prison after distributing electronic writings through Yahoo, the fourth time the Internet company has been implicated in the jailing of a government critic, a human rights group said.

Although Wang Xiaoning was sentenced more than two years ago, the case only recently came to light, Human Rights in China reported this week. Wang, born in 1951,was detained Sept. 1, 2002, on suspicion of "incitement to subvert state power." He was sentenced a year later to 10 years in prison.

The charges against Wang stemmed from electronic journals he emailed from 2000 to 2002 through Yahoo Groups, said HRC, which obtained a copy of the judgment against Wang. The journals, called Democratic Reform Free Forum and Current Political Commentary, included articles written by Wang and others who advocated democratic reform and a multi-party system.

He also was accused of communicating by email with Liu Guokai, leader of the China Social Democratic Party, which operates outside the communist nation. The Chinese government considers the group a "hostile organization," HRC said.

Included in the evidence cited in the judgment was information provided by Yahoo Holdings Ltd. that said Wang's "aaabbbccc" Yahoo Group was set up using the mainland China-based email address bxoguh@yahoo.com.cn. Yahoo Holdings, which was based in Hong Kong, also confirmed that the email address ahgq@yahoo.com.cn, which Wang used to send messages to the group, was a mainland China-based account.