Jan 29, 2004 (08:01 AM EST)
DataDomain Aims To Shrink Backup And Recovery Costs

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Even if the economy picks up for real, business-technology executives will stay true to at least two lessons learned since 2000: Recovering data during times of need is critical to all, and few could afford to make inefficient use of business-technology resources.

DataDomain hopes to satisfy both needs with the DD200 Restorer appliance it will unveil next week. A file system inside the appliance makes sure nothing is copied twice and compresses information by 20 times before moving it from one source to another.

Storage leader EMC could offer its own recovery systems, but according to Steve Kenniston, an analyst at Enterprise Storage Group, it doesn't have the intelligence to compress the information and lower the costs. Kenniston says the DD200 should give customers the high-speed performance of disk-based storage, validated information for recovery, and less information to manage. "It adds up to big, big value for customers," says Kenniston.