Oct 26, 2005 (04:10 PM EDT)
Cell Phones Get 3D Video Messaging Interface

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Mobile messaging provider Mobeon AB, Stockholm, Sweden, has unveiled what it claims to be the world’s first 3G video messaging interface, featuring mobile buddies for cell phones.

Mobile buddies are 3D animated avatars that replace the traditional operator voice by providing entertaining and personalized mailbox navigation to cellular subscribers. Mobile buddies work with the latest Mobeon video mail management technology.

Called Fidgit, the first Mobeon interactive avatar is designed to replace traditional voice and text-based instructions. Fidgit has a quirky personality, which changes throughout the day. He introduces the menus in the mailbox, talks the user through the options for each message, and can also respond to callers who want to leave a message.

"The evolution of voicemail to video mail can be compared to the transition from radio to television," said Antony Beswick, head of corporate strategy and product marketing at Mobeon. "Like radio, the announcer for voicemail had to explain clearly each of the actions to be followed. The beauty of video mail is that users can quickly see what options are available. This allows operators to introduce a quirky, fun element to the service, offering further revenue opportunities through content and the ability to build customer loyalty."

Mobeon is offering a live action demonstration of Fidgit on its website.