Sep 28, 2005 (01:09 PM EDT)
DSL Forum Reports Focus on VoIP, IPTV in Homes

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The DSL Forum has issued new technical reports designed to support the rollout of enhanced services for the home including Internet TV and VoIP.

The reports, released Wednesday, are aimed at extending the reach of DSLHome features beyond simple DSL modems and home gateways, according to the DSL Forum, which is a consortium of more than 200 telecommunications service providers.

“We are working to develop a complete portfolio of technical specifications to address every aspect of the digital home, with a strong focus on IPTV and VoIP,” said Michael Brusca, chairman of the DSL Forum, in a statement.

The DSL Forum noted that new DSL specs enhance service providers’ ability to move past WAN to LAN management, helping them to address new devices as they come online.