Aug 29, 2005 (04:08 PM EDT)
How Mobility Transforms The Retail Sector

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Mobile software has proven itself invaluable in a number of vertical markets in the business world, including healthcare and financial services. One particular corporate sector that has seen an increase in mobile applications is retail, ranging from online retailers to grocery stores.

Despite an industry reputation for being something of a technology laggard, retailers are increasingly turning to technology to improve operations and boost razor-thin margins. It's no surprise then that mobile solutions are delivering significant competitive advantage. Retail employees from managers to buyers to sales associates are constantly on the move, and giving these employees access to the right data at the right time — no matter where they are — is dropping benefits to the bottom line.

Fast-Growing Adoption To understand the impact that mobile software has had on this crucial market segment, and Intel recently commissioned a survey that targeted readers of, and other CMP technology web sites.

Slightly more than half of the survey respondents (53 percent) said their organization currently uses a mobile software solution. Of those who do not yet have a mobile solution in place, about 37 percent said their organization plans to deploy mobile software within the next 12 months.

Still, many have not yet adopted mobility. About 42 percent said their companies plan to deploy mobile software in more than 12 months and 21 percent said they would not ever deploy a mobile solution. Clearly this data shows that although some progress has been made in mobile adoption in the retail market, there is still some way to go.

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