Aug 26, 2005 (07:08 AM EDT)
Sun Acquires SeeBeyond, Releases New Java Integration Suite

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Sun Microsystems Inc. has acquired SeeBeyond Technology Corporation and announced the release of a new Java Integration Suite.

SeeBeyond Stockholders approved the acquisition and will receive $4.25 per share for an aggregate consideration of about $383 million. The SeeBeyond subsidiary will operate under Sun's software division. The move is expected to enhance the value of the Java Enterprise System platform.

Sun also announced the availability of Sun Java Integration Suite, the sixth suite in Sun's Java ES. The suite, combined with the operating system Solaris 10 makes the ES even more attractive for business and system integrator development, Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating officer of Sun Microsystems, said in a statement.

Schwartz added that the technology will also deliver a whole solution with next-generation technology and services to integrate legacy application into new composite applications.

"The synergies between the two companies are remarkable," Schwartz said. "We have completed the acquisition ahead of schedule. We have integrated core technologies into our product portfolio, and we have formally engaged with more than 2,000 customers worldwide to solve their complex integration problems."