Jun 28, 2005 (03:06 PM EDT)
Nokia Lends A Hand To Sun's Wireless Toolkit

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Nokia Corp. on Tuesday said it has contributed technology for the beta release of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s toolkit for Java developers who build wireless applications for cellular phones.

Nokia, which provides multiplayer Java games in its handsets, said SNAP Mobile APIs (application programming interfaces) would be in the beta version of the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit, version 2.3, formerly known as the J2ME Wireless Toolkit. It's the first time the Sun toolkit has incorporated third-party technology as part of its external API feature.

Inclusion of the Nokia APIs is meant to help Java game developers build community-enabled, multiplayer games for handsets. Nokia, based in Finland, is the world largest mobile-phone maker.

The APIs enable a variety of functions, including server-based game data distribution and community features, such as chat, friends list, presence and support for tournaments.

"The integration of SNAP Mobile technology into the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit provides a robust and reliable mobile multiplayer gaming solution that will streamline the development and deployment of Java-based multiplayer games," Chris Mellisinos, chief gaming officer for Sun, said in a release from Sun's JavaOne Developer Conference in San Francisco.