May 31, 2005 (12:05 PM EDT)
Brightidea Inc. Launches On-Demand Innovation Management Software

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Brightidea Incorporated, provider of enterprise innovation process management (IPM) software, today launched, which it is packaging as “the first ever on-demand software service for accelerating the process of innovation.” The software was developed for mid-size organizations and divisions of large companies that do not have time or resources to deploy an enterprise-scale solution. The service accelerates innovation by enabling companies to source ideas from a wider audience, prioritize concepts more efficiently, and track projects through to completion, leading to faster time-to-market for new products and faster time-to-implement for process improvements. Delivered as a subscription service via the Internet, the turnkey software service can be deployed in less than an hour, without costly hardware or installation fees.

"The world's largest and richest corporations have been using innovation process management technologies to turn ideas into profits for years," said Matthew Greeley, CEO of Brightidea Inc. " now makes these powerful tools available to the middle market."

In their second annual report on Innovation, The Boston Consulting Group found that, while 74% of executives surveyed planned to increase spending on innovation this year, the majority were disappointed with their return on innovation investments and unclear how to do a better job. In late 2004, a consortium of over 500 leaders from the public and private sectors came together to produce a report titled "Innovate America," a detailed roadmap and recommendations for keeping the U.S. at the forefront of innovation. One of the major recommendations that came out of the report is to develop the infrastructure for innovation.

The On-Demand IPM service is designed to assist managers in all areas of innovation with templates and workflows specifically designed for accelerating new product development, process improvement, cost cutting, intellectual property, technology adoption, marketing, strategy, and business model innovation. The software is delivered as an Internet subscription service. Pre-configured templates and wizards make it help innovation managers to get started quickly. Customers can subscribe to an individual module, multiple modules or the entire integrated suite.

The On-Demand IPM service is available immediately, priced at $49 per user per month, with participant licenses available for as low as a $1 per month.