Aug 25, 2003 (12:08 PM EDT)
IBM Bolsters DB2 Information Integrator

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IBM is expanding the reach of its DB2 Information Integrator software to include data and content generated by packaged enterprise applications from vendors such as SAP and Oracle. The new software, known internally at IBM as Masala, will be ready for testing by select customers later this year with a production-ready version available in 2004, an IBM executive said Monday.

IBM debuted DB2 Information Integrator in February. The software provides a consolidated view of data scattered across disparate data sources throughout a company. Users increasingly need access to data and content such as documents and images stored in heterogeneous sources for analysis and other purposes. DB2 II is part of IBM's on-demand computing initiative.

The release will offer new search technology to help users locate data that's relevant to their needs, says Nelson Mattos, IBM's director of information integration. The software also will include a number of enhancements to make it easier to install and use, and to improve its speed and flexibility.