Aug 25, 2003 (09:08 AM EDT)
Offshore Service Providers Say It's Business As Usual Despite Mumbai Blasts

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Major providers of offshore IT services with facilities in and around Mumbai say operations were uninterrupted by the bombings that killed more than 40 people Monday in India's financial capital.

A spokesman for Accenture, which last year opened a technology development center in Mumbai, says all of the companies' employees have been accounted for and that no facilities were damaged. The spokesman said the company is monitoring the situation and has a "mechanism in place" to provide customers with information. The spokesman declined to provide further details.

A spokesman for EDS, which opened a 500-seat, 150-employee service facility in Mumbai in June, says service at the facility wasn't affected by the blasts.

Spokesmen for both companies declined to say whether security is being tightened in light of the bombings.

Most of IBM Global Services operations in India are in the city of Hyderabad, about 440 miles from Mumbai. A company spokesman said he wasn't aware of any effect on company operations.

The car bombs exploded at a crowded jewelry market and a historic landmark in the city formerly known as Bombay on Monday, killing at least 44 people, wounding 150 others and shaking buildings in the city.

The bombings also wreaked havoc on India's main stock market. The BSE Sensex fell 120.49 points to 4004.63. Individual tech companies were hit hard. Share prices of Indian-based service providers Infosys Technologies and Wipro Technologies both fell 2.6%, while Satyam Computer Services fell 5.8%.