May 25, 2003 (08:05 PM EDT)
Software Quality 2003

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Software bugs cost the U.S. economy over half a billion dollars annually. Savvy managers are trying new techniques in an effort to identify and rectify problems with off-the-shelf and in-house software applications. Companies can't rely on government directives or vendor promises to keep software glitches in check. So what are managers doing to improve the performance of their company's applications and which steps are proving most effective?
  • Which applications are companies finding most buggy?
  • Which processes are being used to evaluate software performance?
  • What are companies doing when third-party software proves inadequate?

InformationWeek Research examines these questions in its research brief, Software Quality 2003. This 6-page study examines software quality issues, the impact of software quality on vendor relationships, and the affect that legacy applications are having on software improvement efforts.

Use the report to benchmark your software quality assurance practices against those of more than 200 organizations actively monitoring and taking steps to manage their software quality.

Pages: 6

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